Founded by Len Kronman in 2017, FlavrQ launched in 2022, setting out to tackle a common problem, and succeeded. We’re seasoned backyard BBQ enthusiasts who appreciate the convenience of gas grilling, but we missed that bold, rich charcoal grilled flavor. So, we invented a solution: The FlavrQ Grilling System!

FlavrQ: The Game Changer

In the past, home grillers were forced to choose between the convenience, control, and ease of use you can only get with a gas grill, or the delicious, classic, flame-kissed goodness that only charcoal grills can deliver⏤until now.

The FlavrQ Grilling System makes it possible to transform your ordinary gas grill into a bona fide flavor-boosting, food-searing machine. The FlavrQ Grid installs in seconds with no tools or special skills required. Add our ChipCharwood®, and you’re ready to experience FlavrQ magic.

Grilling with FlavrQ naturally enhances your food’s flavor, but that’s not the only reason our customers are beyond thrilled. FlavrQ-equipped gas grills can reach temperatures over 100° higher than conventional gas grills, so you can perfectly sear and seal your food to achieve a level of juiciness and succulent flavor previously unattainable.

Taste and texture are the keys to a successful backyard BBQ. But appearance matters, too. The FlavrQ system will have your culinary creations photo-ready with rich, robust color and appetizing flash marks. And, because we never use chemicals or pesticides, you’re making a positive difference for the environment and your health.

Get Back the Flavor You Gave Up

We started FlavrQ because we love grilling. Good food brings people together, and that’s what life’s all about. We’re honored that FlavrQ products are so beloved by the backyard BBQ community, and we’re committed to continuing to offer the same level of quality and innovation that put our brand on the map.

Ready to teach your old grill some new tricks and elevate your taste buds to a whole new level? We recommend getting the FlavrQ Starter Kit as an introduction to the revolutionary FlavrQ Grilling System. It comes with everything you need to experience for yourself what we’re talking about. Thanks for being part of the FlavrQ family. Now, unleash the ultimate grill master in you!