The FlavrQ Grilling System

Ignite the Fusion of Gas and Charcoal With Unique Grill Accessories

Looking for the best grill accessories kit? The FlavrQ Grilling System gives you charcoal grilled flavor with your gas grill. Get back the flavor you gave up!

Charcoal Grill Flavor Meets Gas Grill Convenience

FlavrQ is a breeze to set up and use. There are two parts to the system: the FlavrQ Grid and our patented ChipCharwood. The Grid fits most gas grills and installs in seconds with no tools at all. Once it’s in place, add the FlavrQ ChipCharwood®, and you’re good to go!

Why FlavrQ

Gas grills are convenient, but they sacrifice flavor. So, we decided to invent a game-changing solution. FlavrQ burns hotter, naturally improving your food’s taste, texture, juiciness, and appearance. Taste the difference!

The FlavrQ Grilling System

Proprietary Grilling System

Our unique grill accessories are exclusive to the FlavrQ brand. We forever revolutionized backyard BBQs with the FlavrQ Grid and ChipCharwood®. Welcome to the future of gas grilling!

Skewered meat and vegetables on a grill

Fits Most Gas Grills

The FlavrQ system is compatible with the vast majority of gas grills—new and old. Bigger grills can hold more grids. Measure your grill before ordering.

Close-up of FlavrQ ChipCharwood on the FlavrQ Grid

Easy Setup & Cleanup

We designed the FlavrQ system with convenience in mind—no tools or special knowledge are necessary. Set up and clean up with no hassle, no mess, and no fuss.

Grilled meat and vegetables on a white plate

Authentic Wood Flavor

Savor classic charcoal grilled flavor with every bite. With our unique grill accessories, you get the rich, robust taste of charcoal grilling with your trusty gas grill.

The FlavrQ Grid

High-Quality Stainless Steel Grid

Crafted from stainless steel, the FlavrQ Grid is backed by a 6-month limited warranty. It provides even radiant heat and maximum air flow for fast lighting of the ChipCharwood®.

FlavrQ ChipCharwood

All-Natural and Chemical-Free

FlavrQ ChipCharwood® is made from 100% all-natural Canadian sugar maple wood. It contains no pesticides or chemicals of any kind—just the good stuff.

Juicy grilled chicken in a bowl

Juicier Grilled Foods

ChipCharwood® hits temperatures over 100° higher, searing and sealing food 50% faster than gas grills. Locked-in moisture makes for juicier food with better color and texture.

Grilling burgers on a grill

Environmentally Friendly Product

Our ChipCharwood® burns cleaner to reduce pollution and improve air quality. We only use sustainable, rainforest-friendly, FSC-certified wood to make our 100% natural virgin hardwood charcoal.

How It Works

Installing and using our unique grill accessories couldn’t be easier. No need to modify your gas grill—just add the FlavrQ Grid and ChipCharwood®, and you’re ready to grill like the pros!

1- Remove your gas grill’s grate from the location where you’ll put the FlavrQ Grid.

2- Place the FlavrQ Grid on top of the radiant bars, ideally with the ridges running parallel.

3- Replace the grate back in its original position over the FlavrQ Grid.

4- Spoon FlavrQ ChipCharwood® between the grates and onto the Grid 1/2”-3/4“ high.

5- Light the grill on high. When the chips glow hot minutes later, you are ready to grill!

6- Grill your food with our unique grill accessories. Enjoy the juiciest and tastiest home-cooked meal!

Taste the Difference

Once you experience the best grill accessories kit, you’ll be hooked by the first bite! Not only do you get that elusive wood-grilled flavor, but the higher, cleaner heat really lets you nail the perfect sear for the juiciest, most succulent grilled foods that melt in your mouth.