If you thought the FlavrQ Grilling System was too good to be true, don’t take our word for it—the backyard BBQ community has spoken! We know FlavrQ is the real deal, so we make our reviews public to help you decide based on real facts from real people.


Taste the Difference

One bite is all it takes to become a FlavrQ believer! Our customers are always blown away when they taste what they’ve been missing. And it’s not just the charcoal-grilled flavor that keeps them coming back for more. As you read FlavrQ reviews, you’ll see that getting the perfect sear to lock juices in is a huge deal for gas grill users.

Picture-Perfect Feasts

Taste and texture are big selling points, but don’t overlook the importance of photo-worthy presentation. After all, we eat first with our eyes. The FlavrQ Grilling System gives food a rich, appetizing color and classic, flame-kissed flash marks.

Wholesome Goodness

Don’t overlook the health benefits, either! Because our ChipCharwood® is derived from all-natural Canadian sugar maple wood, it has no chemicals or pesticides. It’s also much better for the environment compared to traditional charcoal.

Teach Your Old Grill New Tricks

You’ve read the FlavrQ reviews, now join the ranks of satisfied customers who can’t imagine grilling any other way again. We get so much love because our grilling system works, and it works well—some things in life really are that simple. 

Ready to unleash the ultimate grill master in you? The FlavrQ Starter Kit comes with everything you need to transform your backyard BBQs—using your own gas grill! Shop FlavrQ now, and start enjoying charcoal grill flavor with gas grill convenience.