Use Charcoal in Your Gas Grill With the FlavrQ Grilling System

Wondering how to make gas-grilled food taste like it’s charcoal-grilled? The FlavrQ Grilling System was invented to do just that. Get back the flavor you gave up!

Fits Most Gas Grills

Authentic Charcoal Taste

Easy Setup & Cleanup

100% Natural Charcoal Chips

The FlavrQ Grilling System

FlavrQ gives you delicious charcoal grilled flavor with gas grill convenience! Simply install the FlavrQ Grid, add our ChipCharwood®, and enjoy the juiciest and tastiest food at home. Boost your Q with FlavrQ!

FlavrQ Grid

The stainless steel FlavrQ Grid fits most gas grills and installs in seconds with no special tools or skills required.

FlavrQ ChipCharwood®

Our patented ChipCharwood® makes it possible to use charcoal in a gas grill. Made from all-natural Canadian sugar maple wood.

How It Works

No hassle, no mess, and no fuss! The FlavrQ system installs quickly and easily and won’t permanently alter your gas grill in any way. If you know how to grill, you know how to use FlavrQ!

Step 1: Remove the Grate

Remove your grill’s grate in the location where you’ll be grilling with FlavrQ. If you have any ceramic briquettes or lava rocks, take them out. Use ChipCharwood® only.

Step 2: Place the FlavrQ Grid

Set the FlavrQ Grid directly on your grill’s radiant bars. The Grid’s ridges and the radiant bars should ideally be running parallel to each other.

Step 3: Put the Grate Back

Place the grate back in its original position over the FlavrQ Grid, and you’re ready to use charcoal in your gas grill!

Step 4: Add Our Fuel

Spoon ChipCharwood® directly between the grates and onto the FlavrQ Grid. Spread it 1/2”-3/4“ high in the shape and size of your food.

Step 5: Light Your Grill

Light your grill normally with the gas on the highest setting. Wait a few minutes until it's glowing hot. If desired, reduce gas by 25-50%.

Step 6: Grill Like the Pros

That’s how you make gas-grilled food taste like it’s charcoal-grilled! Now, grill your food and experience the FlavrQ difference in taste, texture, and appearance.

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Why Use FlavrQ?

Works With Most Gas Grills

Want to use charcoal in your gas grill? FlavrQ fits old and new gas grills!

Easy to Install

Install the FlavrQ system in seconds—no special tools, skills, or knowledge required.

Leaves No Mess

FlavrQ burns clean and leaves very little ash to clean up. Keep your grilling zone tidy.

Authentic Wood Flavor

Savor that classic charcoal grilled flavor. Elevate your taste buds to a new level!

High-Quality Grid

The FlavrQ Grid is built from stainless steel. Backed by a 6-month limited warranty.

All-Natural Charcoal

ChipCharwood® is derived from all-natural Canadian sugar maple wood. Free of pesticides and chemicals.

Juicier Grilled Foods

Get the perfect sear and seal when you use our charcoal in your gas grill.

Eco-Friendly Product

We only use sustainable, rainforest-friendly, FSC-certified hardwood that burns cleaner than traditional charcoal.

Enjoy Charcoal Grill Flavor With Gas Grill Convenience

FlavrQ can transform your backyard BBQ. Convenient and easy to use and install, FlavrQ is the ultimate upgrade for grillers who want to make gas-grilled food taste like it’s charcoal-grilled. Enhance your food’s flavor, mouthfeel, look, and nutrition. Taste the difference with FlavrQ!