FlavrQ Installation and Operation Guide

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Correct Installation: Determine the area of your grill dedicated to the FlavrQ System. Lift the cooking grate above this area, and place FlavrQ Grid(s) directly on the triangular radiant bars. The grid’s grooves should ideally be parallel to your grill’s triangular radiant bars. Replace the cooking grate. Correct Installation: It is not necessary to remove the FlavrQ Grid(s) once installed, except for occasional residual ash removal. Incorrect installation increases heating time and decreases flavor.
Fueling with ChipCharwood®: ChipCharwood® is designed to be dropped through the cooking grate and onto the FlavrQ Grid(s) below. Fueling with ChipCharwood®: For most grills, it is not necessary to fuel or refuel by lifting the cooking grate.
Portion-controlled grilling: ChipCharwood® is designed for portion-controlled grilling. Match the ChipCharwood® area to the approximate area of the food to provide full flavor transfer without wasting chips. Portion-controlled grilling: Don’t spread ChipCharwood® over a larger area than the size of the food to prevent wasting the chips and increasing the cost per portion.
Depth of ChipCharwood®: ChipCharwood® depth should be approximately ½” to ¾” above each groove of the FlavrQ Grid, under the area where food will be grilled. Four ounces of ChipCharwood® can bring the same result as one pound of briquettes (Kingsford consumer data package). Depth of ChipCharwood®: Don’t use ChipCharwood® less than ½” depth because that would reduce flavor and heat. Increased use above this recommended quantity may result in charring rather than creating the desired flavor and color for the grilled food.
Grilling Start-Up: Add ChipCharwood® before igniting. Set and start your gas grill at the highest heat level. When the ChipCharwood® begins to glow, start grilling. Grilling Start-Up: Don’t turn off the gas or lower the gas level while grilling. This will dramatically reduce the charcoal flavor and grilling time. ChipCharwood® does not require waiting for gray ash to appear, as ordinary charcoal does.
Refueling: To refuel, drop ChipCharwood® through the cooking grate as needed. If some of the chips do not fall through the grate, simply push them through with a spatula. Refueling: In most cases, you will not need to refuel. When refueling is necessary, ladle more chips over the existing base. The existing fire base will light the FlavrQ ChipCharwood® quickly for continuous grilling.
Fueling Considerations: It is okay to leave the FlavrQ Grid in your grill, even if ChipCharwood® is not being used. The grid will enhance radiant heat distribution when used with gas alone. Fueling Considerations: Do not use traditional lump charcoal or briquettes, as they may damage the FlavrQ Grid and void your warranty.
Professional-Style Grilling: Chefs have three zones for efficient grilling: Flavor-sear, finishing, and holding. The FlavrQ system allows you to create these same three zones. Professional-Style Grilling: Do not over-grill in the flavor-sear area, which may result in charred foods instead of nicely seared and flavored foods.
Cleaning: ChipCharwood® reduces residual ash by 90% compared to briquettes or chunk charcoal. This benefit means the grid does not require cleaning after every grilling session. But after several grillings, the grill should be cleaned out the day after you grill. Cleaning: Don’t remove ashes the same day you grill. It may cause burns or fires. Failure to reduce ashes periodically will result in less efficient ignition and flavor release.
Storage: ChipCharwood® takes up less than one-tenth of the space of ordinary charcoal or briquettes. Driest possible storage is essential to avoid minor sparking. Storage: Don’t store ChipCharwood® in a high humidity or damp environment, which will increase sparking.


  • Don’t use the FlavrQ Grid with wood pellets, traditional charcoal, or wood chips. The grid is designed and tested only for use with ChipCharwood®.
  • Don’t use the FlavrQ system on an electric grill. Such usage is a fire hazard.